Gallery objects

Carvings Unique art objects made of precious stone by master carver and artist Alfred Zimmermann. Voriger Nächster Objects Unique art objects, such as bowls and caskets in special, selected types of gemstones. Voriger Nächster

Gallery gems

Gemstones Find exclusive gemstones in shape, color, clarity and rarity.Faceted unique singles, harmonizing pairs and high-quality cabochons.Be inspired by our gemstones and their variety of colors. Voriger Nächster

Gallery Colliers

Colliers The combination of a timeless, classic design with the wonderful variety of fine colored gemstones and gold create our unique and exclusive necklaces. They are characterized by a special quality of selected natural gemstones. Handmade 18 carat gold pieces create a valuable and exclusive piece of jewelry. All our gemstone necklaces are individually selected […]