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In 1958 Guenther Weinz, son of the gemstone cutter Otto Weinz, founded the company Günther Weinz GmbH.

As a young man he was already fascinated by gemstones! On his trips to Brazil, Russia, Burma, Skri Lanka, Thailand and Taiwan, he always looked for something unusual and quality!

Gemstones like TOURMALINE, BERYL, MOONSTONE, OPAL, and LAPIS,  offered a wonderful variety and exclusivity!

With the entry of son Hans-Joachim in 1974 the focus changed in increasing self-processing of raw gemstone.
Many exceptional and individual gemstone necklaces have been created within the last 20 years, showing the unusual designs and quality.
The expanded product range includes individual gemstone rings, carvings as well as special cabochons and faceted stones.

Today we look back to a successful company tradition and would be pleased bringing our products close to you too!

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